Photogrammetry for 3d surveying

Using drones capable of photogrammetry, 3D representations of topographical surfaces and structures can be generated effectively and efficiently. 

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What is photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is the method of collecting 2D topographical images, and using software to analyze the physical information from those images to generate photorealistic 3D representations of topographic surfaces. 

Photogrammetry and drones

Using drones to create 3D imagery of topographical surfaces and structures provides a highly cost effective and time efficient method to photogrammetry, compared to conventional terrestrial photogrammetry, or methods that involve the use of a manned aircraft. 


*additional charges may apply if land is larger than 6 acres (+$100 per acre)

*Extra fees may apply if an extra property required to be shot cannot be shot on the same day as the first.

*Extra fees may apply if the first property is outside a 50 km radius of 3107 Melbourne and/or if the second property is further than 50 km away from the first.