Aerial Survey Mapping

Whether it’s for a Construction site, a large property or small estate, we provide aerial mapping solutions with no limitations on size. Aerial mapping is a great way to analyse the land, as it can provide you with very high detailed images of the land.  We can provide you with stunning maps by using UAVs to shoot exceptional quality photography. Land can now be shown from an aerial perspective with absolutely no limitations. 

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Melbourne and Victoria wide

Our aerial survey services are, cost-effective topographic surveys providing the client with very high quality, exceptional mapping of an area of their choice with no limitations to land area.

Drone topographic mapping is widely used in industries such as:

  • Building Construction
  • Noise Barrier Design
  • Urban Planning & Land Management
  • Construction & Earthworks
  • Mining, quarries & aggregates
  • Archaeology

Our drones will perform a topographic survey by flying along a predetermined route over the desired area to survey. Whilst the drone is flying, it will automatically capture a series of images that will later be stitched together to create one, very large and detailed survey of the desired land area. We cover drone photography and video throughout the Melbourne and Victoria area.

We fly at a height of 60 meters and create images that are 1600 pixels per square meter. At this resolution, all types of surveys are possible using the exceptional quality of Aerial Mapping. 


Aerial Mapping

Show your land with the power tool of Aerial Mapping

*additional charges may apply if land is larger than 6 acres (+$100 per acre)

*Extra fees may apply if an extra property required to be shot cannot be shot on the same day as the first.

*Extra fees may apply if the first property is outside a 50 km radius of 3107 Melbourne and/or if the second property is further than 50 km away from the first.

Google Maps

Aerial Mapping Services

Detail of google maps:

  • It does not show high-quality imagery of the desired area.
  • Imagery is not up to date, or at the desired time frame.
  • Image quality is satisfactory around an area of 50 m2

Detail using Skynet Video aerial mapping solutions:

  • Provides exceptional, high-quality imagery of the desired area
  • Imagery is up to date and can be shot at any desired time frame to suit client needs
  • Image quality is exceptional, providing superb, high quality to an area as small as 1m2

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