Event photography

We provide outstanding quality aerial and ground photography and cinematography to all types of events, from automotive racing events, to events such as festivals. We work to provide the best quality possible, without limitations.

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Melbourne and Victoria wide

Aerial Photography

Aerial footage will provide you with a truly professional outcome. The use of UAVs nowadays for video showcases all types of events at a perspective that could never have been perceived until today at such a low cost. 

Ground Photography

We can provide exceptional ground based photography and cinematography for all types of events, providing an exceptional outcome for marketing and showing the highlights of any event, whether you require professionally made photos, or smooth cinematic panning shots, we have got you covered. 

Event aerial photography

Showcase your event through the use of Aerial visuals. We provide outstanding outcomes without limitations.

Event aerial and ground photography

drone restrictions are always followed, yet event photography is never limited.


Event Packages

  • Two Aerial and Ground Base Packages : $400 
  • Base (Aerial/Ground) + Professional (Ground/Aerial): $500 
  • Two Aerial and Ground Professional Packages: $600