Quality aerial video and photography can give your clients another reason to decide to purchase. The use of aerial photography is now main stream in the real estate industry. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are now an important marketing tool used by agents. Aerial video and photography in Melbourne is providing agents with much improved presentation on properties.

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Aerial Photography

Aerial photography and cinematography is an excellent method to show potential buyers the land and property through an aerial view at a low cost. We can provide graphic overlays such as land size, development planning, and location maps. Our smooth cinematic aerial shots can also help to provide the best presentation of the house possible. 

Ground Photography

We can provide exceptional ground based photography and cinematography of your property, showcasing rooms and areas within the property at different angles, as well as showing the property from the outside. We also provide smooth ground cinematography which enhances the presentation of the property to another level.

Aerial overhead mapping

Directly below, showing the entirety of the property without limitations

Elevation corner View

45 degrees corner shots provide outstanding presentation of any property

POI Overlay

Point of Interest overlays provide buyers with insightful information about surrounding locations 


  • Two Aerial and Ground Base Packages : $500 (+$200 for extra property)
  • Base (Aerial/Ground) + Professional (Ground/Aerial): $600 (+$240 for extra property)
  • Two Aerial and Ground Professional Packages: $700 (+$280 for extra property)

*Extra fees may apply if a extra property required to be shot cannot be shot on the same day as the first.

*Extra fees may apply if the first property is outside a 50 km radius of 3107 Melbourne and/or if the second property is further than 50 km away from the first.