use thermal imaging for installation inspections

With the use of Thermal Imaging technology on drones, we are able to provide a cost and time effective solution to inspecting and analyzing the integrity of a solar power installation. 

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Time and cost effective

Thermal cameras allows us to find heat anomalies in a fraction of the time it would take to do it with technicians. Furthermore, pin-pointing these anomalies with high accuracy allows the technicians to be notified of exactly where to look.

what are we looking for?

Generally, using a thermal camera allows us to analyse heat differences that will indicate a problem. These differences may show up as cell level defects or even string defects.



*Extra fees may apply if an extra installation required to be inspected cannot be on the same day as the first.

*Extra fees may apply if the first installation is outside a 50 km radius of 3107 Melbourne and/or if the second installation is further than 50 km away from the first.